Leeds four-piece attempt to propel themselves to the next level with their fourth studio album.

It’s no secret that Pulled Apart By Horses’ 2010 self-titled debut is a thrilling rollercoaster of excitement with its jagged, disjointed riffs and chunky, gut-punching breakdowns. It truly was an exceptional debut. However, following this release, the band never quite managed to find that same momentum with both ‘Tough Love’ and ‘Blood’ falling short of the high expectations set from their first release. Now, these albums are by no means bad – ‘V.E.N.O.M’, ‘Wolf Hand’, ‘Hot Squash’ and ‘Lizard Baby’ are all huge songs that absolutely kick it but unfortunately that’s about it across those two records. The remainder of the tracks tend to fall under the category of filler, which is a shame, as Pulled Apart By Horses are, when at their best, utterly killer.

As oppose to the usual 2-year gap between releases, the quartet allowed themselves some more time with 2017’s “The Haze”. During the lengthy period following ‘Blood’ (if you’ll pardon that grim pun, which I am slightly ashamed to have written), fans may have been sceptical when contemplating the future of Pulled Apart By Horses. Had they run out of ideas? Run out of momentum?

We realised the answers to these questions as soon as ‘The Big What If’ was propelled into our ear holes. What an absolute banger that song is. The riff alone is enough to tear the face of even the most chiselled of men – combined with the additional dynamic of a tight rhythm section and iconic screeching vocals of frontman Tom Hudson – it was a great way to generate hype for the upcoming release. The single to follow was ‘Hotel Motivation’ which is also a great track, the bouncy verse is somewhat reminiscent of a Britpop vibe, an obvious departure from PABH’s usual sound. That being said, no track on this album lacks tenacity – that can always be found present in a song written by Tom Hudson, rest assured.

There are no bad songs on this album, it’s just a shame that there aren’t more highlights. ‘The Haze’ is also a victim of the same pitfalls that damaged the previous outputs of this band.

It is worth mentioning that I will be seeing Pulled Apart By Horses live in the summer at 2000 Trees Festival and to say that I am buzzing is an understatement. Friends have praised the energy of the band and crowd alike at their shows and I am truly excited to experience the guys playing their standout tracks in front of an adoring crowd. I can’t wait to see Pulled Apart By Horses take us Back To The Fuck Yeah.

3.5/5 Bytes.

Aaron Jackson.

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