The Day + Night was filled with light.

The three-piece embarked upon their European tour of their latest album ‘I See You’. This tour, announced late-November of 2016, consisted of all the European hotspots such as Germany, France and Italy but when they finally returned to English soil they smashed an astonishing seven nights at O2 Brixton Academy, with only one day respite on the 12th of March. The outfit originally only planned five dates at this venue however, the overwhelming response demanded more.

Prior to the release of ‘I See You’, the band launched ‘On Hold’ and ‘Say Something Loving’ as singles to suspend the fans intrigue on their forthcoming effort. Just before they revealed their album to the public ear, they performed a series of live streams on Periscope whilst tweeting, “We’re back at RAK studios in London” and “We wanted to play some of our new songs for you”.

When the show finally rolled after what felt like a lifetime (partially as a result of the five-year abyss that separated this release from their sophomoric effort), the band remained true to the visuals employed on their album cover. A blurry picture of Romy, Oliver and Jamie peering onto a reflective surface only to see their vague figures beamed back unto them was replicated by a plethora of on-stage mirrors projecting a visual cacophony of colours (refer to our ‘photography’ tab here: The set designers didn’t go unrecognized that night, with vocalist Romy Madley Croft offering her plaudits to the artists for engineering these remarkable props.

The setlist, comprised of twenty songs spread across all three albums, opened with ‘Say Something Loving’ which the five-thousand strong crowd welcomed with a sea of screams and applause. Once the show was underway the aforementioned mirrors began to rotate and spin – bouncing the light into several directions. The crowd were then presented with a pure spectacle, the spotlight shone down on the mastermind behind many of the trio’s greatest hits, and true to his trade, Jamie exhibited his intrinsic talent for the whole crowd to witness.

Halfway through the set, Romy’s attempts to talk to the crowd were thwarted by the sheer commotion erupting from the sea of fans. The calibre of appreciation shown, must have truly made the London trio feel at home.

Heading towards the latter stages of the show, The XX blessed the already in awe fans with some personal favourites – ‘Shelter’, Fiction’ and Jamie’s cover of ‘Loud Places’. Myself, amongst many others, were left shell-shocked, wanting more, and our wishes were fulfilled… As ‘Loud Places’ came to its conclusion – Croft, Sim and Smith signed off the show, said their goodbyes and exited the stage. Moments later they returned, once again to the sheer exclamation from the 5,000 strong crowd, producing a breath-taking encore consisting of ‘On Hold’, ‘Intro’ and ‘Angels’.

If you wanted to know what they were all about, this encore showed that. The exquisite instrumentals accompanied with the second to none aesthetics were a delight to the senses, a true homage to the bands career with a great European run – if you ever have the chance to catch The XX live, take it.

4/5 Bytes.

Daniel Baker.



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