The Starboy Leaves London Starstruck

Wednesday, 8th March 2017… the night where dreams came true. In the second leg of Abel ‘The Weeknd’ Tesfaye’s ‘Legend of the Fall Tour’ and occupancy of the London O2, 20,000 spectators were stunned by the pure magnificence of the Toronto born falsetto.

Despite Tesfaye’s many years of elusiveness, communicating his words only through his music, the now multi-award winning, chart topping Canadian’s name echoes across the globe. In a recent interview, Tesfaye expressed his desire to repay his European fans after bowing out of Rihanna’s European leg of her world tour, promising he would make it up to them “very soon”; and boy did he do that. Twenty minutes after Tesfaye’s set was intended to commence, the lights dropped, screams terminated the mumble of anticipating fans and the lighting prop, formed as a spaceship, began to lower over the platformed stage. “Abel, Abel, Abel…” bellowed from the mouths and rang through ears of the awaiting fans, accompanied with twangs of science fiction-esque scores when sections of the spaceship lit up; raising once more to the heights of the arena. The room filled with tiny spotlights, all in apprehension of his arrival, for many this once in a lifetime opportunity had to be treasured forever on camera. Tesfaye entered the stage amongst a cloud of smoke, rocking an all black attire, bar his bleached blue denim jacket; there were nothing but screams and cheers for the 27 year old – ever adored by his fans, who he humbly adores back.

Tesfaye was in his element, the Canadian was thriving off the sheer acclamation from the sold out arena. The atmosphere was truly spine-tingling, along with the heavy bass line – ever-present throughout his whole library of music – his incomparable vocals soared through the show. What was truly astounding, was the overwhelming dedication the XO family showed, not a single word was missed by the singing fans, especially from those around me – even the songs Tesfaye only features on. Without knowing, you could feel something big was coming – speculation in the crowd grew as Tesfaye began his verse in fellow Canadian’s, Drake, OVOXO hit ‘Crew Love’

As the lights dropped and the song ended, amongst the screams in support, there were ironic chuckles, some could only dream of the biggest RnB star appearing at his, recently rekindled, brothers show. But in what felt like a split second, the lights once again rose and with that, so did Drake, appearing from the centre of the stage to the sound of his recent work ‘Fake Love’. The place erupted, I didn’t think the night could have possibly been topped with what the previous hour had offered; but it had. From the morning of Thursday 23rd February, when Dan and I noticed Drake had a break from his European tour on Wednesday 8th March, to the moment it happened, couldn’t have been more incredible. Drake concluded his three song interlude with a story of when he first met The Weeknd, describing it as a “wavey night in Toronto … my boy came and picked me up, he played me ‘What you need’, after that we met up at the studio…and I heard ‘House of Balloons’, which is in my top five albums of all time”. House of Balloons, regarded as Tesfayes greatest work and for where many, including myself, became part of the XO movement. Drake ended with, “and since then, my brother has gone on to become the biggest”, followed by a hug that completed a truly surreal moment.

Abel Tesfaye finished the night with three of his arguably best live songs; False Alarm, Glass Table Girls and The Hills; he did not plan to end on a sober note. The pure adrenaline and rush of the events that had unravelled that evening created the most thrilling and memorable ending to the greatest night of my life. To say I left speechless (which was possibly due to the sheer enthusiasm that I was belting out the songs) is an understatement. The Weeknd is undoubtedly the legend of the fall…

“OVOXO forever, it doesn’t matter where we are”

5/5 Bytes.

James Donaldson    

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