After a much-anticipated wait for Knox fans, like myself, Wired is their first release in over three years and their delayed return to the scene was certainly worth the wait.

The five-piece from Cambridge boast a sizable following within the pop-punk scene, but it appears the band are doomed to the mainstream confinement of occasionally being heard in Topman, with the idle, “Hey, this is Mallory Knox!” overheard from the more tuned-in shoppers. That being said, the band has seen flourishes of major success; performing at 2012’s Download Festival before even releasing their first album, and then going on to star in both Slam Dunk and Reading & Leeds Festival, all the while performing with greats of the scene such as Don Broco and Biffy Clyro.

In November of last year, the band released a new song titled ‘Giving It Up’ on BBC Radio 1, and announced that their new album would be released in March – and boy, did they deliver. The quintet’s newest release is the perfect follow-up to their 2014 effort, Asymmetry. Wired presents the audience with the classic taste of Mallory Knox’s polite punk-ness, whilst delivering fresh festival-ready songs, such as California, Better off Without You, and the titular Wired.The newest album is fast-becoming one of my new favourites.

I previously referred to Mallory Knox as ‘polite punk,’ and I feel as though I must expand on this. It’s not as though they are ‘polite’ per se, it’s just that I’ve noticed the majority of Mallory Knox’s songs are clean – in the eleven-song strong roster of Wired, only one song is listed as explicit. Likewise, in their previous album Asymmetry, none of the fourteen songs are listed as explicit. In an interview with Rock Sound, the band’s bassist, Sam Douglas, explained that “I want to prove that Mallory Knox are more than just nice guys,” and claimed that this album presents a clear contrast to their earlier music.

Whilst I can’t say that these developments are a huge departure from their previous sound, I can certainly appreciate the sentiment behind it – you really feel the emotion that frontman, Mikey Chapman puts into all the songs he performs. Falling In Love left me feeling a way a song hasn’t made me feel in a very long time. I can’t tell if that’s because a band just simply hasn’t been able to tap into that level of emotional exploration for a while, or because I’ve been trying to shy away from those kind of emotions. Either way, the boys have done a job here.

Simply put, I’m a huge fan of Mallory Knox. I was first exposed to them in late 2014, after my friend decided to perform a cover of ‘Oceans’ for his graded guitar exam. Shortly after, it became one of my favourite songs, and whilst I’m not yet sure if any of the songs from Wired will be able to match the first-ever release of Mallory Knox, I am certain that this is an album I’d want to catch live.

4 / 5 Bytes.

Will Wilkins.



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