After a 3-year long wait since their debut ‘Young Chasers’, Circa Waves launch their much-anticipated sophomore effort ‘Different Creatures’.

‘I fake a crooked smile, once in a while’ – something I certainly wasn’t doing whilst exploring ‘Different Creatures’ by Circa Waves. The lyrics so eloquently scribed by the Liverpudlian 4-piece in their track ‘Without You’.

I went into this album relatively blind, in the sense that I had heard of Circa Waves and listened to the odd song here and there but would not label myself as avid follower of the band. I thought I would give the album a try due to the increasing traction that this band had been picking up. As a whole, I feel like the album is very strong and works well as one whole piece.

Across just 11 songs, Circa Waves boast a plethora of variety, by no means an easy task. From the dream-like pace of ‘Love’s Run Out’ to the much more upbeat ‘Different Creatures’ I can guarantee there will be at least a song for every type of music fan, which is a real testament to their work on the album.

Some may consider a three-year wait for an album too long, however, in the modern day music industry, you have to respect artists who don’t feel the need to churn out radio-fodder, despite immense pressure from the industry as a whole. Nothing about this album, in my opinion, is rushed whatsoever; in fact, it is one of the better albums I have listened to as of yet in 2017. All of the songs are so unique in their own way, I struggled to pick the album out and link it with other artists within the same genre, which again, is credit to their songwriting skills.

Circa Waves have shown a lot of promise in the release of this album which I’m sure will only continue to improve the band’s ever growing fan base (myself now included). They are definitely a band to watch – I expect big things from them.

4/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.


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