For A Moment, I Was Lost. Amber Run’s second album, which from the title alone perfectly depicts their situation in the last two years since their debut album release.

This was an emotional night for all involved, you could truly sense the excitement and nerves from the audience, many of whom I can only guess were skeptical of how the band would come out following the departure of Felix Archer, making it their first tour as a four-piece.

However, the Nottingham based band did not fail to deliver at this, by no means small venue. They managed to fully engage the audience at all opportunities singing along to everything from ‘The Spark’ to ‘Fickle Game’ – you really got the sense that the audience were as invested in the music as the band themselves.

Joe Keogh took many opportunities throughout the night to pause the music and gaze upon the audience, beholding the crazy support he and the rest of the band were receiving. During these breaks in music Joe would give insight into the band’s journey over the last two years, at one point rather emotionally admitting “There was a time Amber Run didn’t think we were going to be making music again” evoking a huge roar of support from the audience which prompted a look in his eyes that defined why musicians do what they do!

As a whole, this performance was one that left me feeling in a way many gigs and performances fail to do, I felt a part of the band – one big quirky family. They truly brought everyone in that audience on that night in London with them on their journey to this point. Which to do in such a large venue and make it feel so intimate is a task, which should, and never will be underestimated.

The night was perfectly topped off by Joe Keogh’s rather emotional look over the audience, which resulted in him shedding a tear. It was a night impossible to replicate and one I will hold close for a long time coming.

5/5 Bytes.

Jamie Law.

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